20 and 40' Lined Shipping Container

20' and 40' Lined Shipping Container Storage Tank.

Designed for maximum fill height and lined with a commercial grade reinforced liner. More suited to a fixed location but can still be reloacted when empty. Ideal for industrial, commercial or Agricultural Use, this solution is extremely robust and cost effective.

Reinforced by solid steel and galvanised cross members to eliminate bowing.  Lined with a reinforced commercial grade liner for potable or agricultural use and available with many fitting combinations.  LC Container tanks are fast becoming an effective watering solution for Mining, agricultural and Commercial applications.

All Containers have a false bulk head leaving enough room for pumps, pipes and other equipment to be securely stored away behind the front doors. Complete with Ladder, manhole, overflow, level gauge or customised to your requirements.

Containers can also be fitted with solar pumps to complete the solution where no power supply is available in remote areas.

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