Water Harvest System

Each Whetpac system comes in three main components; the Harvest Mat, the Bladder and the Accessory Kit. While the first two are self explanatory, the Accessory Kit contains all plumbing, pegs and poles required to erect the system in any given location. The user has the option of using a single bladder permanently connected to the harvest mat, connecting multiple bladders to the harvest mat via a manifold (separate) or manually connecting two or more bladders to the harvest mat as each fills to capacity.

Both the harvest mat and more importantly the bladder, are manufactured from high quality PU material which is impregnated with micro particles of a silver (Ag) nitrate compound that ensures the antimicrobial properties assist in the prevention of bacterial growth. The bladder itself has been designed with a domed upper surface that allows air to escape via a one way valve whilst filling thus further preventing bacterial contamination.

Safe drinking water is delivered via the bladder's gate valve which is typically gravity fed through a potable hose although some applications utilize a solar powered pump (sold separately).

Typically, applications in remote locations are usually 5,000ltr systems or less which allows for easy transport by backpack although larger 10,000ltr systems have also been used successfully. The use of 20,000ltr systems in remote locations is rare given the weight of the bladder itself however the user should note that a combination of systems can still provide high capacity water storage and is only limited by useable land area. Bladders of up to 100,000ltrs may be used in specific, more permanent and accessible locations.

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