1000 Ltr Fuel Bladder Pillow Style

Pillow style tanks are a simple design.  To explain them better, Imagine your pillow case on your bed.  Take the pillow out and you are left with two flat sides.  Put the pillow back in and you now have the case filled with volume ( fuel in our case).  You will notice the centre of the case is the highest point with the sides rounded.  Pillow tanks generally need a larger foot print as volume is lost in the rounded edges.

 All our Bladder tanks are made from  the most durable materials on the market, Re-Enforced Polyurethane. These materials are puncture resistant, light weight and easy to store with a collapsible design in mind. This allows you to store your bladder after use in small confined areas, leaving you with more space when it is needed most.

Bladder Features:

  • Light Weight, Robust and Portable
  • Patented Odour Proof Inner Layer
  • Same material used in Military Bladders
  • Various fittings available
  • Simply folds up compact for storage
  • Secure tie down points
  • Easily filled from any Petrol Pump

100% Australian Made

Standard Fittings:
Filler with a cap(1.5 inch/~38mm). Outlet(3/4 inch with 19mm ball valve and barb)

Tie down points with eyelets.


(2400L x 1800mm x ~330H)mm

Please use or enquiry form below or call Paul on 0405 138 664 if you would prefer alternate dimensions.


  • price:$960.00

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