Box Type water Bladder 100ltr

Australian made using 1.0 Military Spec TPU 1000 gsm for all of our potable product range.

The Box bladder is made to fit across the rear cargo area or may fit accross the rear foot well on some models. It is filled with a 25mm inlet with cap.

This product is great for showers and drinking water especially if your car is packed with no room in the back. This is perfect for transportation of larger volumes of water to your base by evenly spreading the weight in your car makeing your trip safe from body roll and rapid weight shift.

This tank is the ultimate for 4x4 journeys across deserts and remote areas and can be rolled up to a fraction of the size and packed away when not in use.

The attached fittings make it easy for  adaption to shower kits and pumps. At no extra charge we can place the fitting where best suits you and your setup or add extra fittings upon request for additional filling options.*(additional cost for extra fittings)

Length: 1350mm (empty)
Width: 300mm (empty)
Wall Height: 250mm (Full)
Fittings : 25mm Inlet / Breather and 25mm Outlet.
Weld types: 25mm HF, Hot-air over lap and fold over welds.

  • price:$390.00

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