Framed Bladder Tank

New Upright High Volume Framed Bladder Tank

Our Latest product development of small footprint Commercial Bladder Tanks. Cost effective water storage solution that can dramatically increase your profit potential while noticeably reducing your environmental impact. The Frame Bladder Tank requires significantly less space and can be easily placed around the edges & corners of your job site. The reusable, sealed inner bladder prevents evaporation and radiant heat loss and is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional panel tanks with liners



  • Sealed, reusable bladder (TPU or PVC )
  • Bladder can be filled with air for testing purposes prior to filling with fluid
  • Gravity-fed / no expensive pumping equipment needed
  • Exceptional manufacturing standards
  • Models shown are 100,000 litre units


  •  Requires 75 percent less lease space and greatly reduces lease construction costs
  •  Eliminates evaporation & heat loss
  •  Water is kept contaminant free
  •  Environmentally friendly / no waste in our landfills
  •  Reduced risks and easy secondary containment compared to other frac tanks
  •  Quickly & easily stacks for efficient transport

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