Multi Trip 20' or 40' Flexi Tank Shipping Container

20' and 40' Containers fitted with a commercial grade flexi tank. Transportable Storage Solutions from10,000 to 48,000 litres.

This solution is ideal for those needing to store potable water or other liquids  onsite for long periods of time and be able to relocate it when required. 

Unlike most Flexi tank solutions our Multi Trip Container Tanks are not manufactured from single trip bladders. They are long term multi trip bladder tanks.  Transportable when full but can also be relocated to another location when required easily buy Tow Truck or Side loader.

All Shipping Containers are hand picked, single trip Containers so they are basically brand new.  Lined with clean water proof Timber floors and painted inside in out for maximum protection.

Container walls are then lined with Reinforced PVC to protect the Flexit tank inside. A AS4020 Certified, Reinforced Multi Trip TPU bladder tank is placed inside the container complete with 2 x 3" camlock valves and 1 x 1.5" non return valve / breather which allows air out and no nasty insects back in.  3" suction hose and gate valve.

A robust Steel frame is installed inside the doors and finished with thick Aluminium Checker plate sheeting to complete the front wall. Single door latch is welded shut to ensure both doors can not be opened at the same time.

Flexi Container Tanks can be fitted with various size fittings up to 4". Pumps and UV Water Sterilizing units can be installed, running off Mains Power or Solar Panels.

Other liquids that can be stored:

  • Potable Water
  • Irrigation Water
  • Oils
  • Chemicals
  • Diesel
  • Food Grade liquids
  • Sullage
  • Kitchen Waste

Flexi Container Tanks are Suitable for:

  • Mining Camps
  • Exploration Camps
  • Construction Sites
  • Event Managment
  • Councils
  • Workshop
  • Road Works
  • Large Cleaning Projects
  • Remote Irrigation
  • Agricultural

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