Commercial and Residential Liners

Liquid Containments VLS will water proof your tank no matter what shape or size.

Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Tank Liners are an excellent solution to unwanted tank leakage or simply additional storage capacity. Capable of holding a variety of liquids, Tank Liners provide a flexible and reliable layer of waterproof containment.

Our Liners are designed by our experienced team, plotted, cut and then welded using a variety of methods.  Like hot air, Wedge and HF Welding.

Materials are selected depending on the liquids to be stored and include;

  • Polyurethane Films
  • Reinfoced Polyurethane (RTPU)
  • PVC films
  • Reinforced PVC (RPVC)
  • Elvaloy and Aeon
  • Polyethylene
  • Reinforced Polyethylene (RPEE)
  • Polypropylene
  • Reinforced Polypropylene (RPPE)

Residential Tank Liners are easy to install and can be fitted within a wide variety of tanks – these include concrete, galvanized, corrugated iron, fiberglass and brick tanks

Commercial Tanks can be Installed buy our qualified Team and Liners can be made in one piece, or spilt into several pieces and welded on site for more complicated installations.


  • Designed to hold a wide range of liquids
  • Custom manufactured to the shape and size of your tank.
  • Can be installed over most existing internal surfaces with little or no preparation.
  • Inexpensive solution for older tanks as well as new tanks.
  • Already in heavy use within industries where corrosion and/or contamination are a problem.
  • Extra large liners can be pre-made in sections and welded together on site.
  • Tanks can be back up and running very soon after installation.
  • Full installation or installation supervision available.

For more information please use our enquiry from or contact Paul on 0405 138 664.

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