Commercial TPU Bladder Tanks

Reinforced Military Spec PolyUrethane Fuel bladder

Liquid Containements commercial grade storage tanks are foldable containers made of Military Spec TPU with a rubberised outer coating. Welded together by High Frequency Thermal Welding. Available from 1000 litres to 800,000 litres.

Suitable for storing food-grade liquid goods like drinking water, juices and milk products temporarily and long term.

Industrial liquid goods like industrial oils, fats, chemical products of weak acidity and alkaline, as well as the chemical products of non organic solvent types.

Storing different chemical gases like nitrogen, hydrogen,argon and natural gas, storing various combustive chemical gases like ethyne, methane, low-voltage industrial gas storage.

Weight is light and volume are only 10% and 2%-5% of that of a steel tank of the same volume. Bladders can be relocated. The storage size is small and the space operating rate when in use is high.

The Temperature range is of -50~+80 .

It can resist ultraviolet radiation, aging, oils, chemicals, and does not rust. It has excellent pressure resistance and air-tight performance. It is manufactured according to GJB and advanced international standards.

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