Custom Design

Looking for a solution to your problem?

If you have an idea that you need developed or a problem you need solved. Liquid Containment may be able to help. Over the years we have developed many products for various industries. Some of the products we have developed are:

  • Cutom design Liquid Containment bags of all typesFat Sacks for boats
  • Anchor bags for Aeroplanes
  • Floats for Spear Fishing
  • Water Tanks for Marine Industry
  • Ultra Light Aircraft Fuel tanks
  • Replacement Tanks for Antique Motorbikes
  • Protective Air Cushion Bags
  • Car Wash Bays
  • Fuel Tank Funnels
  • Covers for Trailers and Sand Pits
  • Air lift Bladders
  • Fish Farms
  • Gardening bladders
  • Custom sourcing and product development.

Call us on 0405 138 664 to discuss your custom design requirements.