1000 to 1 Million Litre Bladders

Commercial Water Bladders

From 1,000 to 800,00 litre Bladder Tanks.

Liquid Containment manufactures a wide range of Large Commercial Water Bladders which are ideal for temporary and long term storage of various liquids. Including Rain Water, Grey Water, Chemicals, Diesel and Slurries to name a few. All bladders are made from 1100gsm fabrics or greater which are the thickest and strongest on the market place today.

Various Fittings are available from standard irrigation tank outlets to custom PVC, Galvinised, Stainless Steel or Aluminium flanges in 2,3,4,and 6" diameter.

Should you require more information on Liquid Containment bladder tanks or require a custom solution please call us on 0405 138 664.

Bladder Features:

  • Standard Bladder Sizes
  • Folds up, for easy compact storage
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • Does not leach plastic taste into water.
  • Self inflating and pressure draining
  • 100% Australian Made by hand
  • Resistant to hot and cold temperatures
  • Resistant to microbial attack
  • High Frequency Welding
  • No Glue or residue
  • Taps and fittings included
  • Puncture and Abrasion resistant
  • 12 month warranty on Workmanship

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