Food Grade Onion Tank, 5,000L

The Onion Tanks are profile circular shaped tanks with a self flotation collar made of closed cell foam. These tanks are used for spill recovery, fire fighting, storage of oil, potable water, sewage, and other liquids. The Onion Tanks are very light weight, reliable, fast response units requiring no frame set-up. No frame is required as the floating collar rises automatically.

1. Features

  • shrink-resistant round shape
  • float ring made of closed-pore foam
  • self-erecting
  • Simple setup
  • light weight
  • cost effective

2. Standard Fittings

  • 2 inch Tank outlet with ball valve and male camlock
  • Fittings can be custom-made according to customer requirement
  • include ground sheet

Optional accessories can include:
Hand holds, ground sheet, top cover and carry bag

Standard Sizes:
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Product Data Sheet:
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OTW Applications:

  • such as agricultural, humanitarian aid
  • public works and civilian rescue organizations
  • potable water storage
  • grey water and sewage storage
  • fish hatcheries
  • rain water collection
  • drilling and industrial water treating
  • spill recovery
  • fire fighting


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  • Price:$1,145.00

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